To the makers of Avantek Eyewear, 

I have worn your glasses for almost 3 years and being 58 and having worn glasses since I was 10, I am highly qualified to comment on the comfort and durability of your glasses. I am also an NFL assistant coach and so I have worn these glasses for 18 hours a day and in all types of weather at games and practices. I can honestly say that this is the most comfortable, lightest, and most durable eyewear I have ever worn. I should be a salesman for your company! People ask me all the time about these glasses and I cannot say enough good things about them. Thank you for making a wonderful product.      

Brad Seely - Oakland Raiders

To Avantek eyewear,

I want to personally thank you for having the most comfortable and efficient pair of glasses I’ve ever worn.  I never thought eyewear could be impressively strong, effective and light.  I’ve used your products with confidence for over two years now and have never had a problem. In the marketplace of eyewear which is very competitive, your team has set the bar extremely high in this industry.  I’m very thankful for my glasses!

Sam Anno - Oakland Raiders