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From the inventors of FlexonTM comes a revolution in eyewear. The Avantek mounting system is an alternative to standard rimless designs using a patented tabbing process and a reversible bonding system. This seamless design allows your frame and lenses to work as one, allowing for an extremely light and sturdy pair of glasses.

  • No drill holes mean your lenses are stress-free
  • Lenses are completely free of intrusions - don’t let anything get in your way
  • Easy to clean

Why Avantek?

Avantek was developed to meet the needs of rimless wearers just like you. Traditional drill mounts or three piece rimless mounts intrude into your optical zone with drill holes - the same holes that can cause stress cracks over time. By eliminating these drill holes, the Avantek system extends the life of your lenses.

Avantek frames are made from Beta-Titanium, so they are incredibly strong, durable, corrosion resistant, lightweight, and hypoallergenic. They are easy to adjust and will stand the test of time.

How is it made?

The mounting process for Avantek frames is a complex and patented procedure. The process happens in a controlled environment to assure a satisfactory bond and a complete and sturdy end product for your patient. The tabbing process is done on a state of the art, 5 axis computer driven milling machine to provide consistent quality that has shown an incredibly low return rate. The structure of the tab has been meticulously crafted to be both sturdy and secure while blending seamlessly with the flow and design of the frame. The grabber affixes tightly over the tab and is secured with an Avantek developed reversible bonding agent that cures with U/V light. This bond has been developed specifically by Avantek to meet the needs of this mount. When you hold one in your hand, the frame is so sturdy and strong it seems amazing that it is more than one solid piece.

This commitment to design and quality has led Avantek to be voted Most Innovative Ophthalmic Product in 2012, 2013, and 2014!

More about Avantek

Avantek comes to you from The Beta Group, LLC, a privately held business development company founded in 1983. The Beta Group’s mission is to develop technology to meet existing market needs, starting with an idea, and following through extensive analysis, patenting, financing, and market testing. Some familiar names you might recognize from The Beta Group are Flexon, the first flexible metal ophthalmic frames, NDC, the first commercial laser cut polished Nitinol cardiovascular stents, and PixlGolf, the first use of face dynamics architecture in golf club faces.