Q: What is minimum edge lens thickness?

A: Minimum edge thickness is set at 2.2 millimeters to provide a durable pair of glasses for your patient

Q: What is the best way to adjust the new Carbon Fiber (CF) and TR90 frames?

A: It is important to use a frame heater. Use a frame heater on the end of the Carbon Fiber and TR90 temple tips to soften the frame in order to adjust the temple to the patient’s ears and face

Q: Why can’t my office do repairs on site?

A: Avantek is a very unique and complex mounting system where quality control is the absolute key to making sure the end product comes out the way it should

Every worldwide repair center is Avantek certified to ensure Quality Control

Avantek frames have been tested by a medical device lab and the tensile strength exceeds that of any other drill mount design

Though not unbreakable, the Avantek Mounting System has a significantly smaller return rate than current rimless lines and will require few onsite repairs

Q: How do we explain to a customer on how these are assembled?  Key verbiage is Reversible Bonding Agent (RBA).

A: The lenses are edged on a 5 axis edger which leaves a tab on the nasal and temporal sides of the lens

The lenses/tabs are then affixed to the Avantek frame (rectangular titanium grabber) with a Reversible Bonding Agent (RBA) (this should never be described as glue) that is cured with an ultra-violet (UV) light source. The RBA allows for the patient to re-use their frame if they choose to get new lenses. The mounting can be disassembled by Avantek

There is also a special Avantek anchor inserted into the back of the grabber, through the tab to fully secure the mounting system. This allows for the mounting system to never come apart

Q: Can a patient re-use frames and/or lenses?

A: Since the Avantek Mounting System has a patented RBA; a patient can re-use the frame for new lenses. If a patient has an RX change, the glasses can be disassembled and reassembled using the new RX. A patient can also buy a new frame and reuse the same lenses

Q: Can we add a sun clip to Avantek?

A: Avantek currently does not have an official sun clip option, but is doing research and development on the concept

Q: Can we do Chemistry sun clips with Avantek?

A: No, chemistry clips drill into the lenses and create distortion/stress marks

Q: What is the warranty on the frame?

A: 1 year, unlimited

Q: Will accounts ever be able to do in store repairs?

A: Avantek is currently doing R&D to find a cost efficient Avantek in-store repair kit

Q: What are the polish limits?

A: Avantek jobs come with a hi-luster polish. Request for satin polish in the special instructions during the ordering process.

Q: Are all Avantek frames VSP approved?

A: All Avantek frames are VSP approved. Contact your vendor for ordering instructions.

Q: Are Avantek frames Eye Med approved?

A: All Avantek frames are Eye Med approved. Contact your vendor for ordering instructions.

Q: Where can accounts send in Avantek frames for repairs?

A: Contact your vendor for the best place to send repairs.

Q: How frequently will Avantek add to their frame catalog?

A: Avantek plans on introducing 1-2 new styles every year. Avantek will seek direct feedback from accounts regarding what they would like to see introduced. Please see our Beta Program if you are interested in testing potential product

Q: How do I measure the Seg Height of an Avantek lens size I don't have in my office?

A: Measure your patient's Seg Height using an alternate Avantek frame. For every millimeter of increase or decrease in the B measurement between the two sizes, you will add or subtract .5 millimeters from the patient's Seg Height. For example, you measure your patient's Seg Height at 17 mm on a lens with a  30 mm B measurement. If you intend to order lenses for your patient with a 32 mm B measurement, you would add 1 mm to the patients Seg Height and order a Seg Height of 18 mm. Conversely, If you intend to order lenses for your patient with a 29 mm B measurement, you would subtract .5 mm from the patients Seg Height and order a Seg Height of 16.5 mm.