Feautured & benefits

The Avantek Difference

So, what exactly is Avantek and what makes it different? The Avantek Mounting System® is an alternative to standard rimless designs, using a patented tabbing process and a reversible bonding system. This seamless design allows your frame and lenses to work as one, allowing for an extremely light and sturdy pair of glasses. No drill holes mean the lenses are stress-free; Lenses are completely free of intrusions, and easy to clean. Avantek was developed to meet the needs of modern rimless wearers. Traditional drill mounts or three piece rimless mounts intrude into your optical zone with drill holes - the same holes that can cause stress cracks over time. By eliminating these drill holes, the Avantek system extends the life of the lenses.

Consumer Benefits:


  • No frame intrusion into the lens
  • No lens aberration
  • No drill holes
  • No screws to loosen or break the lens
  • Very easy cleaning (vs. 3-piece, nylon)
  • No wires to loosen where lenses fall out


  • Clean, minimalist look
  • Opens up a whole new category of fashion design
  • Any lens shape, including concave, faceted
  • Ideal for contact lens wearers

Retailer Benefits:

  • Easy to sell against Silhouette and Lindberg. Have a patient compare them side-by-side
  • Fewer problems, returns
  • No multiple screw, attachment inventory
  • A completely new, unique, clean look
  • There is no limit to power ranges as long as the lenses are at least 2mm thick (same as rimlon)